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Handmade Custom Kitchen Knives and Tools

My Story

After past careers as an automotive tech and aerospace armor designer, I began making kitchen knives as a hobby.  I quickly discovered a passion for the process - design, sourcing materials, all the way to the finished product.  I loved that a knife would become part of each customer’s fundamental needs – nourishing the body for life.

I hand-build each knife one at a time - no waterjet, no laser cutting blanks - Whether it's a fully forged damascus yanagiba or a monosteel parer.  Each wood block is hand-­selected to ensure top quality from a variety of trusted suppliers.

I am one of a handful of knife makers in the world forging stainless damascus in-house.  After an incredible amount of trial and error I am proud to announce this offering, bringing a product that fuses the high-end custom knife experience with the practicality that stainless steel offers.

I believe so strongly in putting in the work to craft something of total integrity, both structurally and functionally.  Now that my knives are in homes throughout the world of some of the nicest folks I have had the pleasure of meeting, it is my hope that they’ll be passed down as the trusty heirlooms I have built them to be.  


­Ian Haburn Rogers