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Handmade Custom Kitchen Knives and Tools

I cooked for at least a hundred people and can't tell you how often someone made a comment about the knives.  People loved the damascus, and of course the beautiful handles, but what really drew attention was the integral....you have really perfected that.  So thanks again - I really appreciate your knife grind and integral skill, but also your integrity and professionalism as a maker.  I will happily jump on the end of your queue again whenever you're ready.  (I think it's time for a slicer!)
-Neal M, USA

Just wanted to say Thanks for doing what you do so amazingly well and never being unwilling to ‘stretch the boundaries’ … it is certainly a privilege to work with you (although I struggle with the lack of added value I bring to the table …).  Super excited about the future of Haburn Knives especially given the glimpses I have been a small part of (My “Haburn Family” grows to four)!
-Tom A, USA

Ian, I just wanted to let you know now that I have put both knives to work numerous times that I love them even more. They live up to and exceed my expectations in every way. Although a somewhat overused cliché, I can think of no better description than functional art, a phrase they absolutely live up to - beautiful, useful, exceptionally crafted, and delivering superior performance. Truly perfect. Thank you.
-Neal B, Canada

I am speechless!  Everything about the blade is more than I had hoped for!  So very soon now I can whisper to myself “my precious”  - and can’t say enough about that gorgeous Pin!
-Michael M, USA

I am nearly speechless from both of those!
You have out done yourself....
Thanks so much for your incredible artisanship"
-Kevin D, USA

...Ian! Are you...kidding me? I’m speechless! I was very sure that I would very pleased with the knife, but you just exceeded all my expectations.
-Felipe D, Brazil

Ian, I wanted to let you know that the knife arrived and it is awesome. It’s the second knife of yours I have. The first is on the large size and this one is more moderate. They are both amazingly well balanced and a dream to use. The visual design on this one is amazing. It turned out even better than I expected. Thanks for the great work!
-Tim S, USA

Since I received the San Mai Gyuto a few months back, it has been my everyday go-to knife for much of my kitchen work. I am finding it to be a true performer and a joy to use.
Now that I have experienced Haburn quality, I want to put that petty knife back in the order.

-Mike M, USA